About Dyonne

Have you ever met a person who always had a party?

Have you met someone who somehow found themselves on your party planning committee for every family and friend you know? 

Soon thereafter, did that person stop asking to plan everyone’s party because that person became the automatic party planner?

The life of the party is what they call Dyonne.

While growing up in Los Angeles, California, Dyonne discovered her gift for planning by attending fashion shows and award shows. The very sight of all the lights and cameras with massive arrangements cascading from the walls aligning the color palettes with crystals hanging and floating candles really sparked her desire to create themed parties.

In college, she worked at the Performing Arts Center where she designed post-concert parties and press rooms for many celebrities. During her matriculation of college, she served in many organizations as you guessed it the event planner.

After college, Dyonne took a leap of faith and begin her eagerness to start planning weddings. Even though, she had planned some weddings during college under the direction of others. If you ever been in a wedding, had a family member getting married, or simply funding a wedding then you may have heard of all the challenges.

Dyonne is the kind of person that will take on the task that nobody else will want to do. After years of shadowing and developing her own niches her company 7LuxeInc was created based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. 7LuxeInc means complete luxury. She has planned events for all budgets, yet her work can definitely speak for itself. She aims to keep every event she designs within a strict budget but she always presents an element of surprise that every client can appreciate. You want a party? She’ll supersede your experience and then you can brag about your event. We love happy clients.


You want quality not quantity, custom products not something anyone can buy, and dare to be different. Let us plan your unforgettable event.